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rebeccasaurusx in aussie_boosh

Hey guys,

So it seems Rich Fulcher is coming to Adelaide for the Fringe Festival.

Not sure who I am going to have to drag with me lol.

Anyone going?


oh my christy, yessss.

I love that we have Boosh fans in Adelaide. I want to change my name badge to Old Gregg just to see who comments :)
Hehe I saw a guy at work a few weeks ago that had a t-shirt with Old Gregg written on it. I wanted to track him down to tell him how amazing it was but he had disappeared!
Oh, we have about a million same interests and I think I may have done the same uni degree to what you are doing. Do you feel like a new LJ friend?
... are we the same person? we even have the same name!

did you do Media at Adelaide? I'm in my last year (should have graduated two years ago but I've been taking my sweet time).

and of course!

Yeah I did Media and Video Production at Adelaide as well lol. I finished in 2008. Is Phil still teaching the course?

lol, that's crazy! did you enjoy it? I'm really excited about doing video prod B this coming semester but I have no idea what to expect.

as far as I know Phil is still doing it. he did video prod A in winter school last year with me. Peter the media lab organiser has left though, so I don't know how everything is going to run.
Yeah Vid Prod B was pretty good as well.

When I did it the practical component consisted of one individual project and another where the class was split up into two groups and we did one short film each. And then I think there was the obligatory journal lol.

Oh cool, Phil is nice hey! Peter was like the master of the labs - interesting to see how it runs without him lol!


You two made my day.
Just sayin'.
my pleasure, kind sir :)
Peter was cool, but lordy, I'd hate to get on his bad side. It was all a hodge podge in sem 2 last year when he left. I don't think the faculty realised how much work he did.

I hope you don't mind me asking, but have you managed to find any work from your degree? I'm anxious to get straight into the industry after I graduate (I'm deluded I know :P)

also, I spoke to my friend who got me into Boosh, and we're discussing the possibility of dressing up :) tossing up between Kidiac Jack and or Bob Fossil (complete will ill fitting shirt)
Yeah Peter seemed like he probably had way too many duties for one man to handle!

Not wanting to put you off or anything but I have found only one bit of work for a massive three days in the media field since finishing my degree. Thats not to say that you won't, but like yeah, I am finding it really hard to break in. Basically, as I'm sure you know, nothing is advertised so I am finding it more who you know than what you know and that is the only reason I got that brief work! Probably the whole financial crisis didn't/isn't really helping but hopefully it picks up soon because I need to get out of retail lol!

I guess it also depends on what specific field you want to get into as well, you might walk into your dream job!

Sounds like you will be well dressed up Boosh wise! :D

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