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Dec. 17th, 2009


Courier Mail article

hey everyone my dad gave me a rather large article about the Boosh he'd put aside a month or so ago and forgot about it... It's from the Queensland paper The Courier Mail so if you don't live in Queensland or missed it i put a copy in my journal: http://sleepy-sundial.livejournal.com/540.html It's about Boosh touring Australia! Woot! xx

Dec. 16th, 2009


You are beautiful people...

... and I wish to join you, if that's ok ^_^

Name: Sophie

How/When did you discover/get into the Boosh? I guess I was behind the times for a bit, people kept reccomending it but foolishly i swept it aside until last year my best friend gave me season one. i watched it in one sitting then promptly went out and bought the other seasons.

Favourite Boosh character: Vince. I just can't say no to effeminate men...

Favourite Episode: Old Greg

Favourite Quote:
Greg - "And this one's as close as you can get to Baileys without your eyes gettin wet!"... can't tell you how often that is quoted at school.
Chokes - "NO SAMMY! NO SAMMY!" see my best friend is called sami...
Outtakes - Noel: Fuck that rock!

Favourite song: FUTURE SAILORS although i do love Naboos songs in both live shows... break it down now for naboolio! *rocks out*

Dec. 15th, 2009


DJ Sue Denim

Don't know if many of you know this, but Sue Denim (of Robots in Disguise and occasional Boosh episode) and her fabulous hair are doing a couple of DJ gigs while they're in our lovely country.

18th December: Coolangatta - Neverland Bar 10pm
19th December: Sydney - Girlthing @ Q Bar 8pm

It's all on her myspace.

I'll be at the Coolangatta one for sure. Anyone else going?

Nov. 25th, 2009

MB Danger


Limited Edition Future Sailors dvd

Hi All,

Wondering if you awesome people might be able to help me out. I found a super special awesome Limited Edition version of the new live dvd, which came with free belt buckle and other neat stuff on top of the playing cards. I found a playing card edition on JB, but can't find the limited edition version (http://www.play.com/DVD/DVD/4-/11071822/-/Product.html) on the jb site :( And they don't ship to Australia.

Have you found anywhere else selling this version?

Nov. 11th, 2009

'Man & Wife' - Noelian Love



Name: Tina ^.^

State: South Australia. Fellow Adelaidians please make contact! And other Aussies as well :)

How/When did you discover/get into the Boosh? My first exposure was well over two years ago but I was only a casual viewer of sorts. Then thankfully this year, I surrounded myself with better people who really gave me no choice but to watch and love the show as much as they did.

Favourite Boosh character: Apart from the loveable Howard and Vince? I'd have to say The Hitcher.

Favourite Episode: Tundra & Party

Favourite Quote: Like many others I have lot and they all seem to be the one-liners. I have to be honest, I 'lol' everytime at this-
"Monkey hands... and frozen legs. The ultimate combination!"
But I think the only quote that's more than one sentence long is this one-
Vince: It's not just gonna be Howard's boring acting though. There's going to be some music, a bit of an adventure and some outlandish special effects!
Howard: Not as outlandish as they would had been had you not spent half the budget on your hair.
Vince: My hair's an intrinsic ingredient to this show, do you mind?!

Favourite song: This has to be the hardest question! So I had to rely on my itunes to tell me which one has been played more times. *drumroll* It's a tie between Eels, Electro Boy and Future Sailors.

Nov. 4th, 2009



(no subject)

Hi! Figured I should introduce myself to the Boosh fandom!

Name: Jessica
How/When did you discover/get into the Boosh? Just under a year ago a couple of my friends used to speak about it all the time during class and one of which was in the middle of Boosh obsession and integrated quotes into EVERYTHING (to the point where another friend began to hate him a little). I just had to see what was so damn awesome. And I fell in love.
Favourite Boosh character: I'm kind of in the minority in the Boosh world but I love Howard. I do adore Vince but I'm definately a Howard girl. Apart from Vince and Howard though, my favourite would be Bob Fossil.
Favourite Episode: Tough one but I'd have to say The Nightmare of Milky Joe.
Favourite Quote: "You know those black bits in bananas? Are they tarantulas' eggs?"
Favourite song: Bouncy Bouncy, Eels and Ape of Death

Nov. 3rd, 2009


Handmade Mighty Boosh Items

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade


Future Sailors Live DVD


Is out on November 11th!!

Oct. 28th, 2009



Lush in Melbourne.

Not sure if this has been posted, sorry if it has, but I was in Melbourne CBD today and came across a Lush store.
As you may know they sell 2 Boosh related products and I went to see if they had them in stock, and as it so happens, they do :D

So if you want some King of the Mods styling gel or some Goth Juice get down there :) Its a bit pricy though..

P.S Sorry for the advertising, I just though it was really cool.

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