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Boosh - New Romantic

jynnantonnyx28 in aussie_boosh

Naboolio in Adelaide!

Mike Fielding aka DJ Naboo has added an Adelaide date! Thursday 27th May at Adelaide Uni Bar. The facebook page has over 1000 people attending so tickets are going to sell out fast.

Tickets on sale on Thursday 9am - http://tickets.oztix.com.au/?Event=15512&promoID=100 (just noticed that they've spelt his name wrong).

soooo, who's going? I can't believe Naboo is going to be at my uni!


With bells on!
Def. get tickets as soon as they're avaiable.

Perth sold out within 2hrs. =D (I got mine though!)
Got my ticket right on 9!
Did you get yours?
I can't wait!
Was yours a first release ticket? I was refreshing the page from 8.55 onwards but as soon as they became available to me it said sold out :/ (this was at 9.01) than they opened up a 2nd allocation, but they're $40 each. not impressed, oztix.
woah. yeah I got 1st release...just kept pressing refresh from 8.58 (sad I know) and the moment it clicked to 9 I reserved tickets.
That's insane!!
Least you got tickets!!!
ugh, I think my computer's clock may be a little off. how annoying. I knew they'd sell out quickly, but not like that.

ah well, it should be a fun night :)
I wonder how many "first release" tickets there actually were?
Now it's costume planning time haha
any initial ideas for your costume?

I'm considering a future sailor or Howard in his best muffin attire.

Or if I decide I'm bold enough a mirror ball suit, or a glam rock ski suit ... although it might get a bit hot.
My mate thought glammer nanna, I thought maybe Tony Harrison? Deciscions...

Oh if I had a mirrorball suit I'd be rocking that!

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