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This is a Live Journal Community specifically geared towards Australian fans of The Mighty Boosh, a somewhat "cult" but utterly brilliant UK comedy written by and starring Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding.

Through this Community we hope to find more Aussie fans, and to possibly even organise meet-ups in the near future, and try and get the Boosh to come to Oz to do a tour ;)

Upon becoming a member here, it might be nice for new people to just make a post with a small introduction. You can follow this structure as a guide:

How/When did you discover/get into the Boosh?
Favourite Boosh character:
Favourite Episode:
Favourite Quote:
Favourite song:

See? Tis easy!

As far as Rules/Guidelines go, I think all we need is a bit of "common sense" - basically, RESPECT is the key-word - Respect each other and, of course, respect the Boosh crew. This is a fan-community after all, not a bashing hall. As such, if there is any Boosh bashing here, it'll be deleted and whoever the culprit is will be dealt with.

Also, we don't want to come across as "discriminatory" towards non-Aussie fans, and that's not the point of this Community at all. It's merely, well, a "Fan-Club" of sorts, if you will; a place where Aussie fans can meet, and discuss the Boosh, post pics, news, icons, banners, etc...

The main point is just to have fun! :)

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